Dr. Calder and Dr. Wachira's visit
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Dr. John Calder (back second right) recently visited the department on 22nd Jan 2019. With him are Dr. Mundia Wachira (back left), Dr. Adamali (back right) and Dr. Aywak (back second left).
Dr. Calder was a senior lecturer in the dept in the late 80's. He left for Scotland where he worked as a radiologist for 30+ years. He has recently retired from active practice but was able to share with the residents from his vast experience .
Dr. Mundia Wachira was the Departmental chair in 1990-1995. He and Dr. Adamali later left  for private practice but continued holding weekly image review sessions with the residents . Dr. Wachira has now retired from active practice.
Dr. Adamali still continues with the image review sessions and has contributed greatly to the department's growth. With them is Dr. Aywak, a senior lecturer and departmental chair from 2006-2015. Dr. Aywak currently heads the resident mentorship programme. Dr. Mwango (sitted) is the current departmental chair.
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